A Desperate Remedy


‘But Decima, you are throwing away the chance of a splendid match. Peverell is very rich, you know.’

‘I have no intention of marrying any man. Ever. And certainly not one who has to be frog-marched to the altar.’

When Decima Wells sets out to see the astonishing sight of four giraffes walking from London Docks to the new Zoological Gardens, she has no idea that her innocent expedition will have such far-reaching consequences.

Alexander Peverell is also there to see the giraffes but is more worried about his brother: Hugh is desperately short of money but would he become involved with the criminal underworld?

Then Decima’s father tries to entrap Alexander as a husband for his daughter …

‘Elizabeth Hawksley has crafted a fun and feisty novel, sure to be a hit with fans and new readers alike. A fast-moving plot, strong motivations and deft touches of humour make this a real old-fashioned page turner.’ Historical Novel Society Review

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