Dishonourable Intentions

dshnrbl_intntnsby Elizabeth Hawksley writing as Rachel Summerson

‘Oh, Mr Bartlett! How you startled me!’

Edwin sat down beside her. ‘What did you think I was then?’ he asked teasingly, ‘a little mouse?’ He ran his fingers lightly up her arm.

Amy dropped her sewing and looked at him with wide eyes

Edwin noticed the pink cheeks and quickened breathing; by God, he felt quite roused himself. He reached out to stroke her hair, lightly and gently, so as not to frighten her. Softly, softly, does it.

When Amy Pollard becomes governess to a wealthy manufacturing family, she expects life to be as Papa had taught her: where gentlemen are honourable and ladies respected. Nothing has prepared her for her charges taunts and humiliations. Fortunately, Edwin, the son and heir, seems friendly. But do Edwin’s growing attentions mean what Amy hopes they do?

Then there are the Rissingtons, the local county family. Clever, lively Esther, the poor relation, hides her love for her cousin, the enigmatic Harry. But Harry himself, tragically bereaved and haunted by remorse, begins to take an interest in Amy …

Amy and Esther must learn that intentions in matters of the heart, can be deceptive.

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