Lysander’s Lady

lysndrs_ldy‘Papa would never have countenanced my marriage to this monster …’

Beautiful heiress, Clemency Hastings, is being pushed by her social-climbing Mama into marrying Lysander, Marquess of Storrington who is rumoured to be a rogue and a fortune-hunter. In desperation, she flees to her Cousin Anne for safety, only to find that her cousin’s home is within a stone’s throw of Candover Court, the home of the Storringtons.

Then, through a series of mishaps, Lysander’s aunt, the formidable Lady Helena, decides that Clemency is just the person to be governess to Lysander’s headstrong young sister, and she will not take ‘No’ for an answer …

‘Lysander’s Lady marks the American debut of a new Regency writer. Elizabeth Hawksley’s story is charming and develops with a light, bright touch. The plight of Lysander and his lady can be savored rather than devoured in one sitting.’ Affaire de Coeur

Published in Poland as Guwernantka

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