The Belvedere Tower

The Belvedere Tower by Elizabeth Hawksley

‘Are you Miss Hampden?’

It was a warm, male voice, with a faint accent. Cassandra had the immediate impression of a powerful figure. The man was tall, dark and well-muscled and he seemed to fill up the doorway.

When Cassandra, fleeing from her violent husband, returns to Juniper Park, her dying great-uncle reluctantly offers her the derelict Belvedere Tower. The rest of the estate is sold to Daniel Darke, a Yorkshire mill-owner intent on moving up in the world.

Daniel’s hands are soon full: the estate is run-down, the gamekeeper is in league with a poaching gang, and the lovely Agnes, a girl with a hidden agenda, is interested in him. But Daniel, too, has things to hide.

Then Cassandra’s husband arrives, and his mood is murderous …

‘This a lovely, light-hearted romance, with plenty of action and thrills. The heroine is witty and resourceful and the hero is just flawed enough to make him more real and therefore more attractive.’

Historical Novel Society Review

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The original cover for The Belvedere Tower
The original cover for The Belvedere Tower

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