‘The Hartfield Inheritance’ comes out in e-books

My late friend, a Research Professor, was the author of a number of books, and we often discussed writing. She also, privately, wrote poetry.

She did not normally read Regency romances! I was both thrilled and slightly apprehensive when she asked to read The Hartfield Inheritance, my third Elizabeth Hawksley historical novel.

A week or so later, she returned the book – with a poem tucked inside – and here it is.

The original cover

Oh, Elizabeth, my friend,
What fun! A romantic story,
Justice triumphant,
The mean thwarted,
Convention aborted,
A read as fast as the
Carriages travelling at
Top speed with urgent news
To import to the parish,
Announcing the Marriage
Of the couple against all Odds,
finding both love and
Freedom of choice when neither
It seemed, were to be allowed!

Fun and justice all in one!
That’ll teach the mean to impose
Conditions, imposing control from
Beyond the grave! Beaten soundly
By a clever and courageous woman.

And as for Rowland – I wish my cheeks
Would be delicately flushed by such
A Hero as he! So if you have any more
Hidden up your sleeve (or in your pen)

Spare a thought for your friends and
Share more stories of such galloping
Fun, charming men, and country life!

Pity life couldn’t be more like your
Stories, and how enjoyable to escape
From tedious reality to clever fiction
With charm, observation, psychology
And period detail all well written!

I could get converted to this genre if you go on like this! I really enjoyed it. It is very well written, and the twists and turns resolved according to character, not quick ease of convention. This is ignorance speaking, but an honest response from a reader illiterate in romantic novels. Well done!


I am especially proud of this review, and I’m delighted that the The Hartfield Inheritance, newly edited, will be out in e-books on Monday, 4th October.

© Elizabeth Hawksley

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4 thoughts on “‘The Hartfield Inheritance’ comes out in e-books”

  1. I loved the poem, Elizabeth, what a delightful tribute, and from an unlikely quarter! I can’t wait to get hold of “The Hartfield Inheritance”.

    1. I agree, Eleanor! And it’s a proper poem, too, by someone who was good with words: there’s internal rhyme, assonance, a variety of pace, etc. and even a touch of humour!

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