Elizabeth HawksleyWelcome to my website

I hope you will find something to interest you.

I’ve always been fascinated by history – I’ll go miles to see a castle. And I love discovering how people used to live: what they wore and ate, and how they thought and behaved. That led me to historical fiction, first to read it and then – when I was about ten – to write it.

I’ve discovered that I enjoy blogging. I like choosing a subject – maybe something I’ve seen or done recently, and writing about it in a way I think will interest others. Maybe I’ve been invited to a London exhibition preview (I review for a local history journal) which makes me want to blog about it. Or perhaps I’ve been on holiday somewhere interesting, like Albania, which I did recently, and discovered that Lord Byron was there in 1809-10 – a perfect subject for a blog. Or I’ve read an interesting book and I want to share it with others.

I’m aiming to blog every week and I hope you’ll drop by.

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