Elizabeth Hawksley: Apologies

I had a painful fall last week. I was crouching down to photograph an interesting ancient tombstone on the Isle of Man – as one does – and I stupidly tried to use the top of the tombstone which was covered with damp moss to pull myself up – and fell.

I now have a number of large bruises down my right side which have gone through red, violet, blue and are fading slowly through plum and black. I am slowly improving but it is extremely painful to sit down and typing is impossible.

Many apologies – and keep well.

Elizabeth Hawksley


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8 thoughts on “Elizabeth Hawksley: Apologies”

  1. Oh Elizabeth, I’m so sorry you’ve got a technicolor rainbow going on. Best wishes on getting to the point of sitting and typing without pain soon.

  2. That was a horrid ending to your expedition. The bruising must be as painful as it is spectacular. I hope you have arnica galore and some positions you can rest in without pain.

    1. Thank you for asking, Beth. I am definitely going for the arnica option and I’m using extra pillows to stop painful bits from rubbing. I’m pleased to report that I’m slowly getting more mobile and the bruising is now mottled rather than black! It will take its time, but I’m on the mend.

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