Getting the Point.

gttng_th_pntby Jenny Haddon and Elizabeth Hawksley

It’s about time we had a detailed How-to book that makes punctuation enjoyable. This new book is welcome because it explains the principles and rules of punctuation in a lively way with plenty of examples, checklists, hint boxes and quizzes. It even uses humour to put its points across, which has to be a first for such a thorough and detailed guide. Writing Magazine

If you want to know more about commas, paragraphs and semi-colons, but found Lynne Truss’s Eats, Shoots and Leaves rather off-putting, then this useful and witty guide may be just what you are looking for. Mary Zacaroli, Oxford Times

The book is entertaining and inventive, too, as you might expect from a romantic novelist (Haddon) and a historical novelist (Hawksley). For serious punctuation advice or light-hearted amusement, I can whole-heartedly recommend this book. Gill Stoker, Magazine of the University and College Union

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