The Cabochon Emerald

cbchn_emrld‘My dear Sir Robert!’ cried his wife. ‘You have had an offer for Anna?’

‘Not an offer, precisely. Let us say a nibble.’

There is a fortune at stake. The cabochon emerald, heirloom of the de Cardonnels, has disappeared in the chaos of the French Revolution. The young Anna de Cardonnel, fleeing from the Terror, finds herself in London, living with her English relations.

Then a mysterious stranger arrives as a suitor; but is Laurence Redbourn all he seems? Could he possibly have got wind of the missing emerald? And what of his brother, Luke, a respectable City businessman? Both profess an interest in Anna, and one of them will stop at nothing …

‘Much as I enjoy the works of Georgette Heyer and her followers, it is pleasant to find a departure from the norm, and this is it. There are few of the usual features of romances set at this time: no debutantes flirting behind their fans at titled dandies, or walks in Vauxhall Gardens. This is a more exciting story with a resourceful, sensible heroine in danger, and an unlikely hero.’ Rachel A. Hyde, Historical Novel Society

The Cabochon Emerald is available as an audio book from Calibre.

Published in Poland as Próba and in Estonia as Ohtlik Pärand

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